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                                              The Rules For Posting At PuddleHuddle                                                                 


     We want our community to be able to share their thoughts on Oregon sports topics in an environment that is free from any form of ad hominem attacks.  A toxic environment squelches the kind of civil discourse that we all desire.

     We encourage you to share your views.  Present your facts, present your reasoning.  Civil discussions are something that all of us can enjoy.  We all become better informed.

     PuddleHuddle is intended to be a haven where we can all interact in a safe environment, where we can have fun discussing  Duck  Sports, and turn down the volume of the craziness that is so prevalent elsewhere.

    Rules do not tend to be offensive to the vast majority of people who WANT to be considerate of, and courteous to others.  Rules only bother people that intend to offend.

    The PuddleHuddle community wants rules that keep our site a safe haven for Duck Discussion.  This is a community operated site.  The rules are what the community wants. 




    1.  Follow the Golden Rule:  Don't direct comments to others that you would not want directed at you.  

    2.  Keep it clean, children are reading what you are posting.

    3. Leave your politics at the door, they create too much dissension

    4. No posts are allowed that in any way attacks a person who has a different view than your own. 

    5. No posts are allowed which would tend to discourage others from posting on PuddleHuddle in the future.  

    6. We do not allow public debate about deleted posts. Do not attempt to argue publicly about a deleted post, because that complaint post will be deleted as well.  Communicate privately  in order to discuss the reason(s) your post was deleted.  Email Louis Farnsworth:    lu2000@aol.com. 

    7No insults or epithets, no threatening, intimidating, libeling or defaming of any individual is allowed.  If you disagree with an article or a post, do it with respect and courtesy.   Make your difference of opinion civil.  You can cite facts and attack the other persons argument, but do not attack the person.

    8. Back-handed compliments are not allowed. 

    9. Do not direct Sarcasm at another member of the PH community. 

    10.  Do not attempt to shame another member of the PH community.      

    11. Keep away from Politics:   We live in a polarized society now.  Politics can create incredible levels of animosity.  Most all of us here at PuddleHuddle  are here to avoid that.

    12.Do not use Profanity: Any form of profanity is forbidden in this forum, whether it is the obvious “F,” “S” or “A” words or all the other words that the forum management recognizes as profanity. We will allow you to disguise the word by putting in symbols such as stars, exclamation points, hashtags, etc. to replace letters since it keeps it from being so blatant. Keeping it clean also refers to anything linked, the site it is linked to or anything imbedded into a post.

    13.  Any comment where it appears the poster is masquerading as another person is disallowed.

    14. Posting under several handles is not permitted.

    15.  No Hate speech: Language that degrades others, (including public figures) on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical characteristics or disability.

    16.  No distributing Private information: This is material that can be considered an invasion of privacy. This includes phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs or other specific personal information.

    17. No Advertising, solicitations or spam, including a comment that is posted repeatedly within one thread or across a number of different threads.

    18.  Copyright violations:  Do not post any content that is not your own, unless you indicate it with quotation marks and give attribution.  Make sure you provide either a link or reference to where you obtained the content.  In no case may you reproduce content other than your own in its entirety.     

    19. Do not get personal  when discussing Players or Coaches:   Discussions about players and coaches are why we are all here.  We are passionate about Duck sports. But in the same way that we disallow ad hominem attacks against each other, we also disallow it against players and coaches.  Being civil, and being courteous does not mean we cannot point out what we believe to be mistakes.  Rake a coach over the coals for their play calling.  Call out a player for their play.  But make sure that when you do, you abide by the same rules that we apply to each other. 

    20. The Ad Hominem ban also applies to other Oregon sports sites  There are other Oregon sports sites which do not demand the same level of mutual respect and civility that we do.  Some of them even seem to encourage a "shark-tank" environment.   Most of us are here precisely because we do not want to be "shark food."   At PuddleHuddle we are not going to attack other sites.  Disagree with their opinions.  Attack their ideas.  But do it with civility, politeness and decorum. 

    21. Do not post information on PuddleHuddle from other Oregon sites that are subscription based. If they provide a link to an article from outside their site or is a topic that is not proprietary to that site—then it is fine to post that. Anything that is "in the public sphere" is acceptable.  Anything that is the product of their own, or a result of their efforts is unacceptable and we will delete such posts.  

    22. Do not flag a post as being a violation of our rules when it is not.  We want our community to help us keep an eye on posts and report inappropriate content to us, since we cannot see it all fast enough. However, some people weaponize the reporting process and report posts that in fact do not contain content which violates our rules.  They do this merely to be a nuisance to someone else. If you behave in this sort of behavior we will ban you from our site.

    23.  What about our First Amendment right to free speech?  The right to free speech described in the First Amendment concerns the relationship between the U.S. government and its citizens. Any private business can require certain standards of conduct. Our standard of conduct is civility,  respect, and decorum.




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