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  1. We just view reality differently. I believe Nix's stats tell more than what they don't tell. When you play 3-years in a program and have started 34 games, your stats TELL A LOT. If Nix had great stats you wouldn't be writing a post with a headline suggesting not to judge him by his stats...but because his stats are not great and he hasn't shown significant improvement, you have a long list of excuses and rationalizations. It is ironic you suggest not to judge him by his stats but you don't present any stats(facts) to support your position?!? Auburn had a bad year last season yet in the Iron Bowl they lost to Alabama by 2 points WITHOUT Nix playing! I just hope Oregon stops accepting average teansfer QB's from other schools and starts DEVELOPING true freshmen they recruit....like Alabama, Clemson, the luckeyes and other powerhouse teams.
  2. ??? He had 3-years at Auburn and never significantly improved...just like Brown at BC to Oregon. What else are we supposed to judge him on? Logic would suggest Nix would improve each year as he became more knowledgeable about facing those same defenses. He didn't. He has 34 career starts to 0 for Butterfield and Thompson so if Nix is going to be the starter he better win the job by a HUGE MARGIN to have any credibility in the locker room. Speaking of those SEC defenses...the game has changed. The SEC had 3 teams in the Top 10 in the nation in Scoring Offense... Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. They had 2 teams in the Top 10 in Scoring Defense (Georgia and Texas A&M)... Alabama was #18. Nix wasn't playing against great SEC defenses on a weekly basis...the fact is he couldn't score the ball regardless of the defense i.e.11 passing TD's in 10 games. I am hoping Nix, if he is the starter, is on a VERY SHORT rope because all the hype based in his PAST success working with Dillingham(funny how people want to count that but not his stats) and the massive advantage he has in experience of being a starter over Butterfield and Thompson...suggests he needs to win immediately.
  3. Remember as training camp begins, the mainstream media will not have access to practices...I am assuming Lanning like his predecessor will allow a fixed time after practice for interviews of coaches and players. But only the Oregon "inside man" Rob Moseley will be sharing first-hand accounts of what happens at practice (with limitations / restrictions). Rob does a good job and in case you haven't been checking, he has numerous posts previewing each position leading up training camp. Be wary of the fanboys who because of a website or being long standing season ticket holders and other types of self-proclaimed "legitimate credentials," write articles as if they were at practice or because they were part of a 5-minute group interview after a practice, it somehow gives them "inside information." Most of the time they simply rewrite what Moseley posts into their own narrative. Here is hoping Oregon's starting QB is Thompson or Butterfield 🙏 Go Ducks! https://goducks.com/ There is an app too.
  4. The Playoffs are not about CONFERENCES but about INDIVIDUAL TEAMS getting in. Oregon made it once under a previous format (Chip Kelly) and once under the current format (Mark Helfraud). So did the uw under the current format Oregon would have made it last season had they followed up their win against the luckeyes by winning out and decisively. They didn't. Alabama, Michigan and Georgia had a combined 3 losses...same number as Oregon; Cincinnati was undefeated with a win over Notre Dame (its only loss). The reality of last season was the Pac-12, B12 and ACC didn't have any Playoff worthy teams IF the goal is to put the 4 BEST TEAMS in the Playoffs. I am not opposed to conference champions qualifying automatically for the Playoffs but... 1) That is not a decision Kliavkoff can make on his own or any Playoff format for that matter. 2) In the eyes of many, the Pac-12, beyond name only, is hardly worthy of "automatic qualifying" for a national championship. Especially given its teams who have struggled(and lost) to the best teams in the MWC these past few years. The formula for getting to the Playoffs, regardless of the format is WIN GAMES.
  5. I know I read this when it was first announced but Kliavkoff mentioned it today in his opening statement for the Pac-12 Media Day and it is important to remember... The Pac-12 Championship Game in football will be between the 2 teams with the highest CONFERENCE WINNING PERCENTAGES. Therefore winning a Division is no guarantee of playing for a championship just as finishing in 2nd place in a Division could also put you in the title game. Also, to use Oregon as an example, winning or losing against Georgia will have no impact on whether Oregon plays for a Conference Championship. Obviously the worst case scenario is to have a competitive and balanced Division in which teams are beating up each other.
  6. Yeah the brand is so good Oregon and the Pac-10 are now on life support. Mario Cristobal took a brand to the Rose Bowl with a team he largely inherited and then guided a team he recruited to the Alamo Bowl as well as taking a venue once feared by all opponents to a noise level of the local public library. A football team has very little to do with a brand i.e. see UCLA as one example. The B10 would take Stanford's "brand" in a heartbeat over Oregon by all reports and especially if they added Notre Dame. Unless the Pac-12 merges with what I see as the only remaining option, the ACC, they will be left to raiding the Mountain West Conference and being a mid-Major which means little to no chance of making the Playoffs. The Pac-12 couldn't even make itself Playoff relevant WITH USC and UCLA and they are both gone in 2-years if not sooner...nobody will take the Pac-10 + west coast add-ons seriously as a "power conference" let alone Playoff caliber.
  7. I honestly believe a lot of efforts are going on behind the scenes on behalf of the Pac-12 and I think a Pac-12 / B12 merger would have worked had the B12 not already added BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF after losing Texas and Oklahoma. It just feels like from all these articles the Pac-12(minus USC and UCLA) doesn't have alot of leverage / value when it comes to media rights. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34264518/sources-big-12-pac-12-partner-talks-officially-end
  8. Yep...it is all about the money whether anyone likes it or not. When you are the weakest P5 Conference who struggles to get a team to even sniff the Playoffs and perhaps your "brand team"(Oregon) doesn't have a stadium ranked in the Top 50 in terms of capacity and whose entire state population is about the size of Los Angeles..that is going to be a tough sell in terms of value. Even your suggested criteria is fractured as well i.e. how was Cristobal's coaching relative to his recruiting??? You don't think people notice when you get destroyed twice within a couple of weeks to a team that your rival beat?(Utah and Oregon State). Oregon's brand is much bigger in the eyes of its fans than in the reality of those outside that sphere. That is one thing I have learned since Texas and Oklahoma bolted for the SEC and recently USC and UCLA agreed to go to the B10... money talks more than performance on a football field. That is why I am hoping for some type of merger of the Pac-12 and ? because Oregon as a lone wolf or even partnered with the uw is just "filler" for someone else. Otherwise if Oregon and / or the uw were really that important in any capacity, they would be headed to the B10. They may be an option but they are not the primary goal.
  9. I like articles which present arguments using measured statistics to fuel the conclusions. Hence I find this article noteworthy. Actually I am not surprised Oregon falls outside the Top 20 and behind USC, uw, Stanford and UCLA. Fans seem to measure so much based almost entirely on football success(or failures) while I believe the decision-makers factor in much more criteria when it comes to conference realignment. https://www.si.com/college/2022/07/14/power-5-desirability-rankings-sec-big-ten-acc
  10. Suddenly what happens to Oregon / the Pac-12 seems barely relevant. https://www.johncanzano.com/p/canzano-spencer-webbs-story-deserved
  11. If Nick Saban's successes at Alabama were at Oregon, Duck fans would take every word he spoke seriously. I remember luckeye fans bashing Urban Meyer at Florida until he became the luckeyes head coach. Phil Knight would love to have Nick Saban as Oregon's head coach.
  12. "Hype" doesn't win National Championships as we experienced with Cristobal at Oregon...it doesn't even get you to the Playoffs. And what gets hyped? Recruiting as in 18-year old boys deciding where to go to college triggers the "drool factor" of excitement and anticipation. Coaching then determines whether the hype is just that or more(see Nick Saban). Georgia is ONE game and certainly Oregon fans understand the consequences of winning ONE big game(the luckeyes last year) but not following it up with more wins as in Oregon going to the Alamo Bowl. Fans attach importance to single games and often in imaginary ways, more than coaches and players who take a one day at a time approach.
  13. The reality is in EVERY P5 Conference, 90% of the schools have no chance in football to win a Conference Championship / make it to the Playoffs...barring one of those "magical" seasons. That is why only 5 active head coaches have won a National Championship. The most important "game" being played now is one of financial survival. UCLA just enriched EVERY team in its athletic program regardless of how it does in football....they could lose every football game and the $$$ keep flowing in. Fans measure success by the ability to get to the Playoffs...athletic departments by the ability to pay bills and enrich their respective athletic programs. I think the price for completely changing cultures will have the most negative consequences on USC and UCLA athletes AND fans i.e. nearest opponent 2 time zones away; travel fatigue on athletes in sports like basketball, weather in football especially in late fall, cost of fans traveling to games and other factors. Which is why I am hopeful of the Pac-12(10) being able to have a merger with another Conference vs Oregon(with maybe uw) going on their own. Especially having a football head coach with zero experience in that role.
  14. Except in the final rankings from last season, the B12 had 3 teams ranked in the Top 10... Baylor, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. As well 3 of the 4 teams set to join the B12 finished in the top 20... Cincinnati, Houston and BYU . So I wouldn't put the B12 at WAC status just yet. If "Oklahoma and Texas are going to the SEC" is the reply...well then as a reminder, the Pac-12 still has 2 more seasons with USC and UCLA.
  15. Interesting SI article exploring 5 Conference alignment options IF the Pac-12 and ACC merge. I like #5 the best. I don't know how strong the possibility is of this merger happening but then if you had asked me a month ago if USC and UCLA were leaving the Pac-12 for the B10, I would doubled over laughing. https://www.si.com/college/cal/news/pac-12-acc-merger-possibilities
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