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  1. There hasn't been much in the past to show that Oregon knows how to develop a QB, and so far that includes this current year. Either our existing QB's didn't show much hope or our present QB coach doesn't believe in his own ability to develop a QB, thus the call went out to Bo. I for one believe that the talent we had in our QB barn was sufficient to provide a winner, for a coach that knew how to develop that is. Since our HC came from the defense side of the ball I suspect his talents don't lie in the area of developing a QB. That leaves me to question the ability to develop QB's of our own OC.
  2. Nix's biggest problem at Auburn was the conference. It's hard to win in the SEC, much easier to win in the Pac-12. Thus he goes to Oregon.
  3. I guess a lot hinges on ND and what they do Yep, you got it. I really don't think the contenders in the Big-10 are worried about Oregon, Washington, and Stanford kicking their butts. Not in the least. At least USC will be one of the contenders.
  4. I'm with you on this. However, I suspect Bo will get the first call but kept on a short leash. Sure would like to see all three get time in the first game, even if it's just one series.
  5. Because nothing has happened by now, I think it's doubtful anything will. Looks like the "Oregon Brand" isn't worth as much as many thought it is. Unless, of course Collage Football is not really about Collage Football anymore. Maybe the minor league is the only place you can find real Collage sports, as many of us would like it to be, again. Is the Pac going to go the way of the Mountain West, and teams only play on national TV as the visiting team for warm up games of others ?? Sad, very sad.
  6. Only works if all teams have equal strength of schedule. Unfortunately, they do not. All so very true.
  7. All of which means nothing unless the national championship format is changed so that the conference champions get guaranteed entrance into the national championship playoffs. With Kliavkoff's attitude, and direction, no Pac team will go undefeated during the season, not even with USC/UCLA gone. Under present format no Pac team will ever make it to the national playoffs. - - - - - - - Guaranteed. The national playoff format has to change for any Pac team to get in.
  8. And the Pac-12 sinks even lower. Thanks to Larry Scott and all those who kept him in office. And you can also thank the University of Oregon for not raising a flag and speaking out about it, just being a "yes man", during Scott's reign. Like it or not, it's the responsibility of every school to raise flags when needed and that need was there for many years.
  9. Good information, thanks
  10. Spoken like he doesn't put his all into making sure he wins, on and off the field.
  11. This is the biggest problem with college football.
  12. John Canzano brought up a good point that needs to be highlighted. Basically, he is saying that it will be a cold day in hell before UCLA wins a football championship in the Big 10, or is even much competition for the other teams. So what is UCLA's place in the Big 10, just a filler team meant to fill in games and be an "easy win" for the others ?? It looks like it. It's obvious that UCLA was selected by the Big 10, not for its football skills but for its TV audience. Likewise for USC, however, USC has very good potential for being competitive in the Big 10, UCLA not so much. The bottom line is that UCLA gave up football for the money. I wonder how the students and the fans in the LA area feel about this ??
  13. I suspect we will see a repeat of Cristobal's typical outcomes this season, "loses to teams full of formally-unknown 3 stars" as you point out. I feel confident Lanning can handle our defense just fine, but I'm a little worried about Dillingham and the offense, but I sure hope he proves me wrong. I personally think this is a good thing. I've had it with all the hype and then the let-down of the last years under Cristobal.
  14. You are right, things are crazy right now, oh by the way does anyone think the "NCAA" body will still be around in 3 years ?? Conferences could be a "self governing body". Won't that be fun. What's right to do in one conference won't be ok in the other. Complete polarization, which seems to be the way of the world.
  15. Fox and CBS have most of the Big 10 games, but with USC and UCLA joining and talk of Notre Dame coming on board, others want in. Apple TV+, Amazon, NBC and ESPN want a piece of the pie also. Talk has it the schools in the conference could pocket $80 to $100 million. What was USC and UCLA getting under the Pac-12, maybe $35 - $40 million ?? That would sure solve a lot of problems for UCLA.
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