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  1. I think the only live PAC12 coverage today was Allioti's crew this morning..
  2. Any idea on McGee's injury?
  3. I believe it likely Georgia will be more adept at adjustment than tOSU ca. 2021. I also believe there will be first game jitters, most likely on the part of Oregon. I have a funny feeling this will not bet the embarrassment Chip Kelly's first game as Oregon HC was. Lanning seems ready and willing to lean on his staff, and if that's the case, this should be more encouraging than watching Mari(no)0 ball. Hope I'm right!
  4. These are two of the schools who questioned the inclusion of Oregon, OSU, and WSU in the old PAC... To me, it seems the old biddies haven't changed much, if any, over the last 20 or so years. Spoiled (Bratz) Children, indeed!
  5. Goal line/short yardage running back, maybe? QB seems like a hard NO! (Similar to another Brown QB Wannabe I remember passing through, which int that case was the only consistent passing he accomplished.)
  6. There were 4 UConn players on the floor who were in the top 5 of their respective recruiting classes.
  7. I would add a caveat to the court wine-o opinions... The Ducks weren't just "riddled with opt-outs" At no time following the second game was the Oregon D at full strength. Several were season ending injuries to key players. By the Bowl game, the attrition had reached the point that any opt out was going to be decidedly detrimental to the ability of the Ducks to have a level playing field.
  8. Or else Lanning has been laying his plans for a long time, and already knows who he wants to have his back...
  9. I find it difficult to believe JW actually was offered the job, especially if both 'Stiffen' and HARSIN had expressed serious interest in the job. I truly believe either one of them would have presented the Ducks with a better chance for immediate success. The fact that Mullen and company put their faith in a young, talented, and enthusiastic coach from the SEC speaks volumes about Lanning and his vision for the program.
  10. Rumor has it BYU's coach, Kalani Sitake is being invited to interview... Dude beat multiple PAC12 teams this season, albeit by no better margins than Oregon, with one glaring exception: Beat UTAH, by 9. BYU finished the regular season ranked ahead of Oregon (#15), at #12 in the AP. with recruiting rankings in the 70-80 range. Probably not a bad backup plan, should Mullens miss on his dream guys.
  11. Daddy appeared to be pushing USC in a post about the time the "So disrespected" post showed up...
  12. Didn't you mean "Poop Talk", as in "Oh, 'poop', no that, again?
  13. And we haven't even played the Fuskies yet, this season...
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