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  1. To break it down, what kind of O-line did he have? What kind of offensive skills players did he have? What kind of play calling did he have? Some players don't improve. Mariota was just as good in his first year of starting as his last, for the most part. Same with Thibadeaux. To get an idea of how good he will be at Oregon, we will just have to watch him play. We know that he will have very good skill position players on the offense. The O-line is at least, experienced and is probably going to be pretty good. If Nix wasn't at Auburn (which was a team around the low 20s when they were ranked) and instead at a team like Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio St - would he be a super-star? I think that Trevor Lawrence was the most recent top QB in college football. That guy could play and you just knew it by watching him. l watched a replay of the 2019 game vs Auburn. Nix had very little time to throw, but he was good at escaping the rush. When he did have time and open receivers - he was good. On long balls as well. I think Nix had a crappy offense at Auburn. But we will see.
  2. Bo played against SEC defenses, which are very good. Anthony Brown was terrible. Bo is a different QB. Bo gets his chance. It is highly doubtful that Bo will not start vs Georgia. I think Bo will do fine this year. I also think that Butters has better accuracy than Ty. But we will see in 2023. If Bo really stinks, then it will be next man up. The Spring game was telling for a QB to be able to throw the football. Not much else can be gained from watching a Spring game. I will go on record stating that Bo Nix will have a great season as the starter. I hope that the backups get to play in the lesser games when the Ducks have a lead.
  3. I think it is over for the big10 - at least until we toward the end of the season. The Oregon brand is still good - but money is better. The rest of the big10 does not want Oregon, Washington, and Stanford kicking their butts and making them lose. If the conference became, Ohio St, USC, Oregon - and Penn St, Mich, Mich St, Wisconsin, Iowa all got knocked down, they wouldn't like it. As it is, USC will be only one loss for said teams and they will beat up on UCLA, so they have it just the way they like it.
  4. Or... the pac12 team that is ranked in the top 4 needs to keep winning. That is how all the other playoff teams do it.
  5. Oregon's football brand is pretty big... Going to the natty twice in recent years. Knocking off Ohio St last year. Beating a great Oklahoma team in 2006. Putting up so many points in the Chip Kelly years. So many ESPN game day events in the last decade or so. And most importantly - being ranked so highly so many times during the season. ------------------------------ The "brand" took a big hit when Helfrich brought the team down in 2016 and when the Snake left in 2017, but Mario brought it back up with recruiting and getting close to another playoff birth. The "brand" is still alive. Texas and Oklahoma will get destroyed in the SEC. USC will be the next Nebraska in the big10. Oregon will rein in the west. -------------------------------- The "brand" needs a good showing vs Georgia. These are the kinds of games that Oregon needs to be competitive in for the brand to survive. Oregon doesn't need to win - just keep it interesting. When Alabama put a beatdown on USC 52 -6 a few years ago - that killed the USC brand. But Riley is bringing it back with recruiting and transfer moves. ------------------------------- Brands are living animals that shrink and grow on their own. The fans don't care about TV revenue, profit sharing or any of that -the fans want to see spirited football and Oregon delivers on that - most of the time. And that is why Oregon has a brand.
  6. TV markets: Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, Bay Area -- those are pretty good media markets. Something will happen.
  7. I will revise my predictions... ND 50/50 chance to go to big10 or stay independent. TV markets not good enough for Washington/Oregon to go to big10, but could get in just because of football interest and to put a bigger foothold on the west coast. Pac12/Big12/Mtn West do some "voodoo" kind of swappings that make no sense at all. Beavs and Wazzu in Mtn West. ACC and Pac12 try some kind of "merger" just to keep their teams from abandoning the conferences, but it fails. Dark Horse Prediction: Oklahoma St makes a bold move somewhere and leaves the Big12. The Pac12 is on life support - teams are jumping overboard like they are in a boat that is on fire. ------------------ Oregon, Washington, Stanford, North Carolina to the Big10 Beavs, Wazzu to the Mtn West Az, Az St, Utah, Colorado to the Big12 Cal goes independent (for now) looking for a new home Pac12 is toast Clemson, Fla St, Miami to the SEC Nebraska rejoins the Big12 when Colorado comes over. So does Missouri. Big12 picks up some ACC teams in good southeastern TV markets. Big12 gets a good TV contract and also picks up SMU. SEC lets some teams leave as the bring on the football schools from the ACC.
  8. A video by an officer said he fell from a trail or rock climb while trying to get to the jumping spot. And that is probably even more dangerous than the jump itself. I wish he could have survived it and got a second chance. And I hope the other players don't try that.
  9. I had done quite a bit of cliff diving in Oregon. Many times, I would position myself in the water away from the jumpers and watch underwater with goggles on to see how close they got to the underwater rocks. Too close most of the time. Sometimes within a foot of an underwater ledge. A couple of times, I warned the jumpers about the danger and they just got mad that I bothered them, so I stopped trying to help. When doing this activity, I have never seen any jumper (other than myself) make the effort to swim the landing and check for hazards. They all just follow the leader and jump. These deaths and serious injuries happen. Not every day, but they do happen. Some try a "new spot" without checking the bottom and break their legs. Conflicting reports on whether Spencer jumped or slipped off a ledge. Either way, it is tragic. But not unexpected. I'm sure the university will caution all its students about the dangers of cliff jumping. But these deaths and serious injuries will keep on coming. And there are some places where underwater currents at certain water levels (higher) will force a jumper into an undercut and drown. Other places are safe when the water is higher, but too shallow when the water is lower. You really have to know what you are doing if you want to do this activity.
  10. So true, but winning vs Ohio St is much more of a pump than beating a team like Cal. If the Ducks get blown out vs Georgia and can't keep it close, there are no playoffs, no matter what the team does the rest of the season. The reason the Ducks were heading to the playoffs in 2019 and 2021 is because they kept it close vs Auburn and beat Ohio St in a close game. The Ducks then lost to teams they should have beaten - and at that point in time, the playoff dream was over. The equation to make the playoffs is: signature win AND/OR style points, and then take care of business The teams with the best players win. Bad coaching can mess that up. When LSU won it all and then lost many of its best players, the team did not do so well the next year.
  11. They beat Ohio St last year in Columbus. We will see what would happen when they play Georgia. I think the Ducks would be competitive in either conference, but they would have a very slim chance of winning the SEC. They could win the big10 if they get hot and beat a top team because the big10 eats each other for lunch. The SEC has Alabama and one other hot team for the season that just roll up every other team all year long. If they play 9 conference games in the big10, they go 6-3. If they play 8 conference games in the SEC, they go 5-3. And that is if Oregon has a very good that year.
  12. Fans buy tickets and watch TV, while figure heads sip wine and watch tennis. But fans don't get to make decisions concerning conference membership. Of all the teams that went to a more competitive/higher profile conference and did nothing... None of them are begging to go back. Think about that for a moment. Especially Nebraska - who used to be good and last year lost to every conference opponent except Nothwestern. This is going to be the new UCLA - get spanked every week and use young men as punching bags in order to bring in a check to the university. And Texas and Oklahoma are going to get big time wake up calls when they have to play against SEC linemen.
  13. Or they could just pocket the cash and not care all that much about sports? College sports are getting so professional now that it has to be turning off at least some of the colleges.
  14. With the right coach WHO CAN RECRUIT, UCLA can be OK in the big10. The move to the big10 is setting the plate for a big name or up and coming coach to take the job. With so many teams there, they won't play all the tough teams every year. But if they played Mich, Mich St, Penn St, Ohio St, Wisconsin, Iowa - they would be 0 - 6, and maybe even lose to Minnesota with the kind of players they currently have on their roster.
  15. I wonder what will happen with NIL when (not if) some of these kids flame out and don't produce? I think huge piles of cash will get burned for a couple of years and then fans will not want to pay that out so much anymore.
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