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  1. I think if he did, he would die a thousand deaths.
  2. DL might not have the team as a top 5 in the first week, but hopefully we will still play Georgia tough.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Thanks for giving my fingers a rest.
  4. I thought that athletes were already limited to one free jump without sitting out a year or graduating. If my perception/recollection is true, it will be very hard for someone to take a second jump. I think this will slow down the portal quite a bit, as the potential jump pool shrinks as those who have transferred already will probably not do so again.
  5. Like Big Play VA? Nobody offered him out of high school. And how about the guy he threw to... Cooper Kupp? He's doing pretty well in the League. How many stars was he?
  6. Preferred walk ons can turn out to be the best. Jonathan Smith was one at OSU, and he is arguably the best QB they ever had... he at least took the team to it's highest heights so far. If I am remembering correctly JH was almost a PWO. The QB that won the national championship for the Georgia Bulldogs was a walk-on. I wouldn't dis a preferred walk-on. The guy is a 3 star (Justin Herbert, anyone? Mariota?) Being a preferred walk-on means that you have a guaranteed roster spot... just not a scholarship... yet.
  7. Contacting is one thing... having them on campus is quite another.
  8. I think I'll see how excited I am after the spring game.
  9. And without the Tweet, we would never know. A lot of things happen behind the scenes.
  10. Going fast creates more favorable one-on-one than any other single thing. When you line up fast, the defense doesn't have time to assess where to put their guys... they need to get ready now. For example, their tallest, fastest, best CB is covering our tallest, fastest best WR. After 3 quick plays lining our guy up at the same spot, on the 4th quick play he is all of a sudden lined up at the other side of the field, where their shortest guy has been playing. You get the picture. These kinds of things can happen all over the field, all game long. Our guys know where they are going... and their guys don't.
  11. https://www.oregonlive.com/ducks/2022/01/oregon-ducks-running-back-travis-dye-commits-to-transfer-to-usc.html Sad... He is top 5 at Oregon.
  12. How much did George have to do with this signing? I thought it was between the schools, not managed by the PAC 12 head office. Is it wise to have nothing scheduled a ways out? Since we are talking about OOC, the PAC 12 is not the only one in the decision matrix. Tennessee is an SEC school... and a good one for WA to schedule because they are middle of the road SEC whose fan base think they are top tier. The shorter range scheduling (1-3 years out) was an agreement between the PAC 12, the B1G and the ACC. I don't see a problem here... unless UW schedules two more games for '29 and '30 before it gets closer. If these schools save at least one game until 1-3 years out, I think mission accomplished.
  13. What I think.... Bo Nix comes to Oregon and Ashford goes to Auburn. I think Auburn got the better deal.
  14. Against UCLA, the men look very good. Against USC, the men looked unbeatable. They were both very good games and fun to watch... for Duck fans. The ladies were a lot less convincing... way too many turnovers... But they held together and did what they needed to get things done. The three stars have made a huge difference since coming back. There is great hope that, if they stay healthy, this team can make a run. It was good to see Sabrina in attendance.
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