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Canzano columns on Oregon's undrafted players

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I know people will always detest Canzano similar to how I will always detest Mr FishDuck and his ego driven fan boy website.

For whatever it is worth, Canzano's now self-driven platform has a very different vibe to it than when he was on Olive. He is very engaged with people who post comments as well as still bringing on guests for his podcast who you don't hear from elsewhere.

In early May after the NFL Draft he posted a column on Oregon's undrafted players and the apparent "bad advice" they received.

Fast forward to recently where he wrote another column on the same subject after soliciting advice from former Oregon player JJ Birden who played in the NFL.and thanked Canzano in the comment section for seeking him out. Very good insight.

Also to read that his first column was read AND will be distributed to the entire football team by....Coach Lanning!

First column


Second column




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Both column's are very interesting and eye opening. I especially like the part of college players making contact with existing NFL players before committing to the draft. Maybe colleges should make it a point to bring in several NFL players for talks prior to commit time. 

Obviously much work needs to be done here and the NFL should work with the schools to achieve balance. It's in their both best interests to do so. 

On 6/17/2022 at 3:52 PM, DuckSense said:

similar to how I will always detest Mr FishDuck and his ego driven fan boy website.

Love it. 

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