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GoDucks is your best source for training camp

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Remember as training camp begins, the mainstream media will not have access to practices...I am assuming Lanning like his predecessor will allow a fixed time after practice for interviews of coaches and players.

But only the Oregon "inside man" Rob Moseley will be sharing first-hand accounts of what happens at practice (with limitations / restrictions).

Rob does a good job and in case you haven't been checking, he has numerous posts previewing each position leading up training camp.

Be wary of the fanboys who because of a website or being long standing season ticket holders and other types of self-proclaimed "legitimate credentials," write articles as if they were at practice or because they were part of a 5-minute group interview after a practice, it somehow gives them "inside information."

Most of the time they simply rewrite what Moseley posts into their own narrative.

Here is hoping Oregon's starting QB is Thompson or Butterfield 🙏 Go Ducks!


There is an app too.

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On 8/4/2022 at 9:21 PM, DuckSense said:

Here is hoping Oregon's starting QB is Thompson or Butterfield 🙏 Go Ducks!

I'm with you on this. However, I suspect Bo will get the first call but kept on a short leash. Sure would like to see all three get time in the first game, even if it's just one series. 

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